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05 March 2009

I was never a "runner," but always wanted to be. Junior year in high school I joined the track team, realized I had to run, and quit. The idea was put off for many, many years until I started to try to get in shape. The gym grew boring, and being a goal oriented person I knew I had to find a challenge. That's when I stumbled across the Couch to 5k Plan, and it changed the way I looked at exercise!

In June '07 I could not run 45 seconds without stopping. I started the C-2-5K program, and within 5 weeks I was running 3 miles, by the end of August '07 I was running 6 miles, and on Thanksgiving Day 2007 I completed my first 8 mile Turkey Trot Run averaging 9 min 15 secs/mile.

I strongly suggest a good pair of running shoes to make sure you're supporting your joints and skeletal system properly. The first pair I bought from a specialty running store in the Dallas area. They fitted me properly, made sure I bought a 1/2 size bigger (important), and showed me what kind of shoes my flat feet needed. That was the last pair of pricey shoes I bought, because once I knew what I needed I was able to purchase shoes at shoe outlets and online.

After my pregnancy with my daughter, and a tough postpartum recovery, I'm now getting back into running. I once again find it challenging, exhilarating, and freeing. There are days when I doubt myself, but my success 1.5 years ago keeps me motivated.

The weather is getting nice, and it is never too late to try something new or to resume an old passion!


Jenn said...

Good for you, Niccole!! Once you start back up it gets addictive. Jeff Galloway has good advice on increasing strength/time and getting back into it.


Finding Happy Design said...

First of all, I love your new blog!Second, I love your recipes.
Third, for more running pregnant information come on over to my house at supernaturalrunner.blogspot.com

Thank you for al the great information! Keep it up!

Karen Nelson said...

This post is inspiring, Niccole. I'm a very lazy and unmotivated person. I've tried the program before and, of course, quit. With the weather being so nice... I should give it another try. Unfortunately, my knees give me problems from playing soccer too rough! Love the blog by the way!!!

Frugal Wellness said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Ladies! :)

Finding Happy has a couple great blogs that I highly recommend.

K - if I can run anyone can. I'm not just using that as a cliche - I really mean it.

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