ACV - Chasing Our Colds Away

14 December 2011

"My dad believed in two things: That Greeks should educate non Greeks about being Greek and every ailment from psoriasis to poison ivy can be cured with Windex." - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Apple cider vinegar to me is like windex to the Greeks. Most ailments we have had, everything from small plantar warts to heartburn, I have tried to treat with apple cider vinegar. Most of the time the apple cider vinegar treatments are successful. Last week my kids all came down with the sniffles and a cough, and I knew that there was an attack on our immune systems. Within a day the congestion and coughs were totally gone.

When buying apple cider vinegar you want to make sure you are buying organic, raw, and unfiltered vinegar with the "mother" still in it. The "mother" is made up of live nutrients and good bacteria. I stick with Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, and can find it in most grocery stores; however, you may have to ask, because some stores put it with the other types of vinegar and others put it in the health food sections. On average, I spend about $5 for 32 oz of Bragg's.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps your body maintain a proper pH level, which helps to prevent and/or overcome sickness. Apple cider vinegar also has pectin (helps regulate blood pressure), malic acid (giving ACV anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties), acetic acid (helps metabolize starches and lower the rise in glucose after meals), and also has potassium and calcium. Historically, we have seen colds, sinus issues, and coughs disappear within 24 hours of drinking the "sick tea" (what my kids call the concoction) every few hours over a couple of days. I also try to remember to add a splash of apple cider vinegar to each glass of water I drink - especially when we are in cold and flu season.

Sick Tea Recipe

1 Tablespoon of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinagar
1 teaspoon of raw local honey (organic even better)
4 ounces of warm water
a straw


- Place ACV in mug, measure out teaspoon of honey, pour warm water over the honey to dissolve, stir, and serve with a straw. That taste isn't too bad, but it's always fun to have races to see who can finish theirs first. ;)


Irene2100 said...

Ms. Bragg is from my home town of Goleta. She had her office across from the neighborhood I grew up in. So glad it's everywhere. I have used it for a few things but am definitely looking forward to using it for more!! Thanks for sharing!

Frugal Wellness said...

Hi Irene -

Thanks for checking out my blog! My family laughs at me because ACV is my cure for any ailment. ;) It is really neat that Ms. Bragg was so close to you in Goleta. My family owned a deli in Goleta, and I spent quite a bit of time there when I lived in Cali. :)

sarah said...

Awesome! I so going to try this!!

Zero to Three said...

I've started taking notes. Here we go!!

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