Safe & Inexpensive Sunscreen

08 June 2009

Cosmetic Database is my source for finding non-toxic cosmetics, soaps, lotions, etc. Cosmetic Database has a rating system of 0-10. 0 is absolutely non-toxic with no harmful chemicals, and a rating of 10 means a product is highly toxic.

I was introduced to this site last year, and was shocked when I started entering our supposedly "natural" products. There was a particular organic sunscreen that I used on my kids, recommended to others, and paid a pretty penny for. When I went to Cosmetic Database it was rated a 4!

We decided to go with CVS Zinc Oxide Spf 45+, because of it's rating and the price. If you watch the sales at CVS you can get a buy one, get one deal every few weeks. The sunscreen is great for sensitive skin, and we haven't had a burn yet.


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