17 March 2009

Whenever I hear about people struggling with viral or bacterial illnesses my answer is almost always the same: garlic. Garlic is my next favorite super food. I discovered the healing powers of garlic a couple years ago when I had a horrible bout of strep throat.

I woke up one morning unable to move my head, and my throat hurt worse than I remember the daunting sickness from my childhood ever hurting. Due to my body's resistance to antibiotics, and other unpleasant side effects as a woman, I try to avoid antibiotics at all costs. My search to heal strep throat naturally began, and I kept coming up on garlic. I chewed 1 clove (not a bulb) of fresh garlic which numbed my throat immediately, and followed it up by swallowing 1 clove every two hours until I felt better. Within 24 hours I felt perfect, the white spots were gone, and I reeked of garlic.

Since that time I have had pregnant clients use the garlic with much success, and have also had friends use garlic to help their children get over bacterial and viral infections. For children you can crush the fresh garlic cloves, put it in their socks, and their feet will absorb the benefits of the garlic.

Allicin is a compound found in garlic. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can kill 23 kinds of bacteria and fungi, and 60 strands of salmonella. Garlic also has the amazing ability to clear up candida, thrush, and viruses such as herpes simplex virus.* The body does not seem to build up a resistance to garlic, and garlic helps the body build a natural immunity to disease.
Cost: $.50 for an entire bulb

*Please consult and work with a care provider if you believe you or your family members are sick. I am not a medical professional, and my blog is only meant to raise awareness and suggest alternatives. *


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