Rave: Misto Oil Sprayer

07 November 2011

LIke most people who spend a lot of time cooking, I love kitchen gadgets. I dream of attachments to the KitchenAid Mixer I don’t have, and infomercials are not good for hearts trying to not covet. A kitchen gadget I do have, and love is the Misto Stainless Steel Oil sprayer. This sprayer has replaced any need for Pam, and I’m able to fill it with my own favorite organic oils. Amazon carries the oil mister, but I have often seen them at Ross, and purchase them there for $5.99.

I have two different Mistos. One is in my kitchen, and one is in my bathroom. For a while now I have been using grapeseed oil as a body moisturizer, and the Misto makes it easy to store and use the oil after showers. The sprayer keeps me from having to pour oil in my hand, and then manage to try to spread it around without dripping oil everywhere.

Misto does make a few variations of the sprayer though. One of the variations of the oil mister is aluminum, and I try to avoid aluminum at all costs. The packaging on the Misto will say whether or not you are buying the stainless steel or aluminum bottle.

The Misto is very simple to use. You take off the pump top, unscrew the sprayer, pour your oil of choice in until it is halfway full, screw the lid back on, and put the pump top back on. Then pump the lid 8-10 times and you are ready to spray pans - or self. Convenient and easy!

What are some the kitchen gadgets that make your life easier or just plain fun to use? Leave a comment or come talk with the Frugal Wellness community on Facebook!


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