How the Granola Got Put in the Niccola

04 November 2011

In September I began to feel a heart tug towards blogging again. The Lord has brought me the people and resources that I have needed, and then the desire to share what I have learned with others. My husband so sweetly reminded me during this time what an "unlikely candidate" I was to be doing what I'm doing within our home. That may sound mean, but it is more true than what many may believe.

I grew up moving around, living with different people, and eventually found myself in a wonderful foster family at the age of sixteen. I became a Christian when I was seventeen, and my life forever changed. At the age of twenty-one my boyfriend proposed. Soon after getting married we became pregnant with our oldest son. The reality that I was going to be a mom changed my life once again. Wrapping my mind around becoming a wife and mother was hard enough, but a stay-at-home wife and a home educating mother seemed unfathomable. God's plan was perfect.

During my pregnancy God began to bring so many beautiful people into my life to prepare me for motherhood. The Lord used my midwifery apprenticeship and the choice to home birth to open the door to the holistic community. Within the "crunchy" community I learned a lot about nutrition, baby care, breastfeeding, non-toxic cleaning products, and so on. My inquisitive nature lead to a deep desire to research, and later my certification as a doula and childbirth educator. While I admit that the pendulum swung too far away from mainstream practices, it was a great season for me to press into what the Lord was teaching me.

My loving husband was a great balance for me during this time, and he has continually challenged me to pray and ask God for wisdom on whether or not to make certain changes in our lives. There have been times I have been supercharged to do things, but it was not a right fit for our family. The Lord was faithful to teach and lead as we were faced with decisions.

The path that got me where I am today was rough, and I wanted people reading Frugal Wellness to know more about who I really am. I am still figuring out what it looks like to wear my many hats, but God is gracious. There are days it feels like I'm fumbling through everything I attempt, and there are still days my kids eat hot dogs for dinner.

Starting today I will blog about a variety of topics. Up to this point I have focused on just getting information out, but have not shared much of myself or the other parts of my life. While health is one of my passions, it is far from being my only passion. My heart is to share about my joy, struggles, and victories as a wife, mom, teacher and steward depending on Christ.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I just had baby #5 3 weeks ago and we had our first home birth. It was a beautiful experience!

Frugal Wellness said...

Congratulations, April! I am so glad you had a beautiful experience. :)

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