Mini-Goal #1

07 April 2011

There are so many buzz-words regarding health these days that it can make your head spin. Gluten-free, non-toxic, earth friendly, whole foods, grass-fed, free range, and the list goes on and on. Where does a consumer start? What are baby steps you can take?

The fact that you're asking yourself those questions is a big step. Don't get overwhelmed. Breathe. This series is going to be about small steps you can take towards a healthier you and family.

Tip #1

Choose one new food to TRY. I am not saying replace (yet).

Here are some suggestions:

-Try cooking non-instant brown rice for your family.
-Try a whole wheat pasta instead of white noodles.
- Replace white sugar in your coffee with stevia (please NO artificial sweeteners, including Truvia). Stevia can be found in many markets now. I don't recommend sugar at all ,but remember we are taking baby steps. Raw sugar, also called turbinado, is still a step ahead of white sugar.
- Get a good start to your day by eating breakfast. Hardboiled eggs made the night before? Breakfast meatballs prepared on the weekend? Piece of (whole wheat or gluten-free) toast with a nut butter?
-Try a new nut butter! Almond butter is delicious! You can find a wide array of nut butters, and they are usually in the "natural" section of grocery stores.
- Try an ancient grain. Quinoa is gluten-free, and can be found in most grocery stores. Don't be intimidated - ask. :) How to cook quinoa in your rice cooker!
- Ask your grocery store if they carry local raw honey and try some. It's delicious and helps with allergies.
- Add a vegetable to each meal. Spinach, onions and peppers to your eggs? Salad with your lunch? Grilled or steamed vegetables with your dinner?
- Check out Eat Well Guide and see if there are local farms to visit and pick your own berries or meet a farmer. See how they raise their animals, and maybe take a cut home to try.

These are only some ideas. If you have other ideas to share, or have been inspired, please feel free to contribute!


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