Poll Results

10 April 2009

I am now one month into Frugal Wellness, and am working on different ideas for the blog. The poll results helped me decide which way to take my posts, but I'd still love to hear from my readers.

Under the "Basics" category I'm going to start having simple blogs about things like how to use a garlic press, choose produce, or saute garlic and onions. This may seem silly to some, but these were all things I didn't know how to do when I got married just 5-years-ago. I'm hoping that people who have been intimidated by the endless possibilities in grocery stores will soon be able to experiment with confidence.

I will also be working on posting some "Make Ahead Meals." An hour or two of prep on the weekends could easily provide enough time to make and freeze some meals for the upcoming week(s). These will also be a great option for my single friends who don't like cooking for one, but desire to have healthy and well balanced meals.

This blog has been an amazing opportunity for me, and I feel blessed to be able to share the wisdom that God has given me. Please continue to ask questions, because if I don't know the answers then it's something new I get to research. Thank you all for reading!!!


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