Excellent Workout for $5

10 April 2009

I first started using a resistance band 2-years-ago when I did Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels. While I highly recommend the book, I know that 6 months postpartum is not the time to jump into an advanced workout. However, I found a great series of resistance band exercises on Spark People, and thought I would share.

I've been doing many of these exercises for just a few weeks, and definitely feel them working. I was skeptical, because I'm a "no pain no gain" kind of woman, but the work outs are challenging! Each video is about 7 minutes. Rotate through them, throw in a 30 minute walk/jog and you have an inexpensive yet effective routine!


Upper Body:

Lower Body:

I purchased my resistance band at Ross for $5. Walmart, Target, and many discount stores such as Marshall's and TJ Maxx also sell them. My husband and I have also come up with other variations. We will post instructions and pictures soon! :)


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