Spark People

31 March 2009

Spark People is a great website for a wide range of people. From people looking to get into shape but don't know where to start to athletes looking for the next challenge, Spark People has something for you! Spark People has great articles and videos on how to eat right, exercise, and overcome your obstacles to wellness.

When you sign up for Spark People you input your height, weight, and goals and it sets up a plan for you. The plan will include how many calories a day you need to eat to lose/maintain/gain weight, exercise goals by calories and/or minutes, and gives you the option of Spark People planning your meals. While you're working your way towards wellness you can use their online nutrition, fitness, and goal trackers to see your progress.

In addition, Spark People has a large community with plenty of groups for people to join. There are groups for breastfeeding moms, those looking to train for a marathon, people needing to lose 200+ lbs, body building men, and different groups for pretty much any ailment you would have. Whichever goal you have, or whatever point you may be at, there is someone else on Spark that is right there with you.

One of the best things about Spark People is that it's free! You have endless resources and support at no charge!!! If Weight Watchers, a dietitian, or personal trainer isn't in your budget then Spark People may be the perfect place for you!


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