Flour Sack Towels

31 March 2009

I have this little obsession with flour sack towels. They have totally replaced paper towels in our house, and I have never looked back. I go through 3-4 of the towels a day, and have a special bucket with my Charlie's Soap and tea tree oil to throw the soiled towels, dish rags, and sponges in. When it's time to wash a load of towels the contents of the bucket get thrown in. Extremely easy, and saves big on not using 2-3 rolls of paper towel a week.

The many reasons I love my flour sack towels:

- Lint free
- Dry quickly after cleaning up messes, or just letting air dry after a wash
- Absorb a lot
- Economical
- Environmentally friendly/Reduce Waste
- They sun very well (sunning gets stains out)

How I use my flour sack towels:

- Place one over the back of the boy's chairs each morning to wipe face/hands throughout the day
- Use to dry dishes
- Clean up spills
- Dust
- Clean mirrors (remember they are lint free)
- Cut down to smaller sizes they make great cloth napkins

I purchased my towels a while ago, but you can find packs of 4 towels for $4-$5 at Target. I have been using mine for well over a year, and they have only gotten better over time!

1 set every couple of years: $16-$20 for 16 towels (this is plenty!!!)
Cost of 2 rolls/week: $2(52 weeks) = $104/year

Savings: $80/year - if you replace all of the flour sack towels every year!


Karen said...

Good to know! I just had my eye on these at Target the other day!

Momof7 said...

I've been thinking about getting some flour sack towels. My grandma used to use them all the time. I think I'll pick up some the next time I'm out. Thanks! (This is Kristie Gottlieb, by the way...)

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