Interesting Videos on Flouride

14 March 2009

Stick with it, and you'll be surprised by what you hear and read. Part III ties it all in. Let me know what you think.

Fluoride Deception: Part I

Fluoride Deception: Part II

Fluoride Deception: Part III


AprilShowers said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I have been meaning to do some research on fluoride and just hadn't gotten around to it. We use a PUR stage 3 water filter and I'm not sure that it filters the fluoride out. I am going to check. May I ask how you avoid fluoride in your water?

Frugal Wellness said...

We purchase reverse osmosis water. It filters out most water contaminates including chlorine, flouride, and heavy metals. There are two places near our home that sell the reverse osmosis water for $.35/gallon. Watch for a H2O-to-Go as they are one of the places we buy water from. We use the bottled water for everything - including boiling pastas and rice.

The PUR and Brita water filters do not remove flouride; however, the price of reverse osmosis water filters for the home have significantly dropped in price!

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