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13 March 2009

A tiny chemistry lesson before I start the next blog, because you will need this in order for your eyes to not bug out of your head when I tell you what I moisturize my skin with. "Like dissolves like" is what chemists use to describe the phenomenon of how some chemical reactions work. Water and oil obviously don't mix, and it's because water is polar and oil is non-polar. Salt and sugar, however, are polar which is why they both dissolve in water. Oil is dissolved with other oils because it is non-polar.

The big reveal - I moisturize with jojoba oil. That sounds even crazier than washing your face with honey, right? We've been sold product after product that declares "Oil Free" but jojoba oil works!

Jojoba Oil:

- Is a great choice for acne, aging, weathered and maturing skin
- Penetrates deep into the skin
- Softens the skin, reduces wrinkles & stretch marks, protects the skin & hair, and helps heal and lighten scars.
- Has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
- Has a natural Sun Protection Factor of four
- Is perfect for all skin types
- Closet oil to your own skin, has a molecular structure that resembles your skin’s own sebum (remember "like matter dissolves like matter")

Just massage a very small dab into your skin after washing, and you have an incredibly natural and safe product going onto your skin. Use some carefully around your eyes no matter your age.

You can find jojoba oil at health food stores and online.


4 oz Organic Jojoba Oil (this will last a year using only on your face): $8.50

Total/Month: $.70


Karen said...

Use it everyday! I use the organic raw honey as more of a face mask... when I remember. :)

Sarah said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog through a friend of mine. Thanks for sharing this information! I'm definitely going to pick some of this up :)

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