Cod Liver Oil

12 March 2009

Cod liver oil is a must have in our home. When our budget has had no wiggle room CLO has been the one nonnegotiable for our supplements. People are hearing more and more about this super food, but what makes it so great?

Here are many of the health benefits:

- Supports nervous system to help with ADD, ADHD, depression, low energy and mood disorders
- Helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth
- Plays an important role in the development of the brain and nervous system of babies in utero and infants
- Supports and encourages healthy joints
- Helps prevent heart disease and healing after a heart attack
- Reduces the chance and severity of juvenile and adult diabetes
- Aids in digestion and other digestive disorders such as Crohn's, IBS, and colitis by helping to create a healthy lining in your digestive tract.

There are many, many more benefits. For further reading please check out: "Cod Liver Oil: The Number One Superfood" The article addresses concerns over synthetic Vitamin A dangers that many have heard of, and also cites many research sources.

Cod Liver Oil Contains:

Vitamin A - necessary for good vision, healthy skin, and the lining of your digestive tract (and other mucous linings).

Vitamin D - essential in creating and maintaining strong bones and teeth. Vit D also helps to build a strong immune system. Vitamin D regulates blood sugar which is how it helps prevent Type II diabetes.

DHA - a fatty acid that is much needed for the nervous system and eyes. DHA is also very important and effective in preventing and treating depression.

EPA - is an anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the effects of arthritis. It also is effective in treating/preventing depression, and cardiovascular health.

I have personally used CLO to help battle postpartum depression after the birth of my first son. My little boy was born in December, I wasn't getting outdoors much, and realized that I had nearly eliminated cod liver oil from my supplements after his birth. Within 3 days of taking triple the recommended dose I was feeling better, and within 2 weeks I was 100%. Since that time with my son, I know that CLO is a must as a pregnant and breastfeeding mother.

My husband, when he remembers, and I use Carlson's brand cod liver oil. Again, I buy this from Vitacost. I have been using a cod liver oil sold through a MLM company for my boys, but I have recently been introduced to Children's DHA and Carlson's Chewable DHA. I will be trying a new brand soon. I take 2 capsules daily if I am active and getting outdoors, and 4 capsules if it is winter or I'm starting to feel a lack of energy.


3 months supply adult Carlson's @$12.50
2 month supply for 2 childrens' Carlson's @ $15.50

Total/Month: $11.91


Karen said...

Fantastic post. I should look into the effects it might have on fibermyalgia, which my mom has. I see another vitacost order in my near future. :)

Frugal Wellness said...

K - I have spent a little time this evening researching cod liver oil and fibromyalgia. It seems like most holistic practitioners recommend CLO to those suffering with fibro and CFS. With CLO's anti-inflamitory ability, and the added bonus of A and D I don't see how it could hurt anything. If she tries it please let us know how it works!

AprilShowers said...

Hi! I am a friend of Mandy Cain's. She sent me the link to your blog because she thought I would enjoy reading it since you and I have a lot in common. And I have been enjoying reading! I went to the link for the Carlson's and couldn't find an ingredients list. Anywhere that you know of that I could find that? Also, it said for kids 4 and above. Do you give it to your younger children? Thanks!

The Braaten Family said...

Niccole - Well, I purchased our family's cod liver oil tonight at the Frisco Fam Health Market. We bought the Nordic Naturals brand in liquid form. Our 3 year old can take a half of teaspoon and we take a full teaspoon. Our 7 mo old is going to start hers soon since we have a sample from our pedi.
I'll let you know how it goes! I had my first spoonful and it was okay. Thank goodness for the strawberry flavoring. Cade took it easily and we'll see how the husband fairs. (I'm nervous!!)

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