A Poem for My Readers

09 March 2012

Niccola Granola has a blog
and a husband, 3 kids, and a dog.
Life tends to get a little busy,
she avoids going into a tizzy

Her PC full of blogs dies,
and Niccola Granola cries.
Then we travel North in the snow,
and the holidays come and go.

A new year with plenty of goals,
we evaluate our different roles.
Family, health and homeschooling,
meanwhile the emails are pooling.

The blog had to be put on hold,
until life got a little more controlled.
Things are a lot more steady,
now Niccola Granola is ready.

Rants, raves, recipes, and posts,
the things that interest us most.
Thanks for checking back,
and being patient with the lack!


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