Brutally Honest Menu: Week 4

01 December 2011

Life is busy right now. Not crazy busy, and not stressful busy. Just "different'' busy. Thanksgiving came out of no where (which I have receipts for and will post), we purchased a new (to us) vehicle, then we had our family crafting weekend, and that was followed by the beginning of Advent season.

Not much has been normal in our lives, and I do best with a routine. When schedules get mixed up, we change environments, and different people are in and out, I don't know what to do with myself. Last Tuesday I only made my Turkey Day menu, and this Tuesday I was lost in craft-land. This means I have been throwing together meals, have been to the grocery store a few blocks away three times this week, and I have that "sick-of-food" feeling.

This is what this last week of meals have looked like:

Friday - Monday (a bit of a blur)

Breakfasts: Pumpkin pie oatmeal, donuts (Yes, donuts!!! They are a Thanksgiving morning tradition) and egg casserole
Lunches: Variations of Thanksgiving (sandwiches, turkey with different sides, etc)
Dinner: Usually still full from a large lunch, but would have warmed up dishes, and I made turkey soup on Sunday.

Tuesday (emerged from a tryptophan coma)

Breakfast: Oatmeal with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, and honey
Lunch: Omelettes
Dinner: Last of our Thanksgiving leftovers


Breakfast: "Eggs in a hole" and bananas
Lunch: Almond butter and jelly sprouted sandwiches with raw milk and apples
Dinner: Chicken sausage and butternut squash soup (from freezer)


Breakfast: "Eggs in a hole" and bananas
Lunch: Roasted Red Pepper Soup and apples
Dinner: Frozen Pizzas

Friday..... TBD

Thanksgiving week(end) is not the norm, and for our family I am not willing to change the exceptions that we all enjoy. However, now is where our routine can be lost. Processed convenience foods become appealing, because I see all of the other seasonal fun I could be having. Like most people, I can get lost in the excitement of the holidays, and daily excuse myself from the responsibilities of taking care of my health during Christmas, but this year I want to fight that tendency in myself.

We eat very healthy most of the time, but we are not super-humans without cravings and missing a love for most sugary things. My husband and I know how much better we feel when we are eating healthy, and that is our motivation to stay on track. By having a menu it makes our goal much easier, and that is how I avoid the frustration and more relaxed diet we have happening right now.

So, tomorrow is a new day, and it's not too late in the week to make a plan. Back on track. Back to nourishing our bodies well.

How are you all doing during the holidays so far?


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