A Well Stocked Fridge & What to Do With It

12 November 2011

A kitchen filled with fresh, unprocessed foods tends to look a bit different. Unless a whole foods cook stocks up with a lot of dried goods or cans their food, usually their pantries look pretty bare. The day-or-two leading up to grocery shopping can also leave their fridge stark. I had grown used to the emptiness that happens by the end of the week, but then this last Tuesday a friend came over and asked to see how we eat. As I poked around my cabinets, and fridge I realized that it looked like we don't eat. So, I thought I would share my before and after pictures on the blog.

Fridge: Before and After
Drawers were not this empty, but I wanted to share a great tip. Line your produce drawers with half of a paper bag to absorb moisture and smells. This also makes for very easy clean-up.
Drawers well stocked for the week.
Pantry Spaces

There's nothing that really stands out, right? A majority of our food is in the produce drawers, and then we obviously have our meat in the freezer and fridge. Knowing what to do with the produce, meat and other dried foods is challenge. While I am working on getting recipes up as fast as I can, here our some other great blogs with recipes with fresh foods:

(a favorite of mine)


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