Making a List, Checking it Twice

31 October 2011

With the announcement of me posting my menu and spending each week, I knew that I had to finally take an inventory of what is in my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. I thought about what it would look like to make up my own system, called on my creative husband to help me brainstorm something that would work for me, and then he suggested I just look up an inventory list online. Brilliant. So I turned to Google, and she of course was faithful.

I had never made an inventory of my kitchen before, but I'm bringing you all along on my journey. Before I started my commitment to the menu , I wanted to know what I have stockpiled. These are the lists that I found on Google and went with:

Freezer Inventory
Larder Inventory
Pantry Inventory
(Links: Pantry Inventory, Larder (Refrigerator) Inventory, and Freezer Inventory)

My inventories are now done, and in my kitchen binder (contains grocery ads, old Menu plans, our favorite recipes, and our bi-monthly Costco trip list). My plan is to follow the instructions at the bottom of the list by using a slash mark for each item in the pantry, freezer or fridge, and then each Monday when I clean my kitchen to cross out each item that was used over the week. As I try out this new system I will be sure to let you all know how it goes.

I tried to get this post out early enough so that you all can have a chance, if you want it, to make an inventory in the next couple of days. While I am making the menu tomorrow to share with you all, maybe you could make it a goal of yours to see what you already have on hand? This would also be a great time to gather the foods you know you're not going to eat, or are trying to work out of your diet, and donate them to a local food bank!


Jennie Clayton said...

Thank you for these lists! I'd looked for ages for an easy to print and follow list.

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