Ol' Blue Hair

02 April 2011

If you have ever spent any time around an elderly person you know that they talk about their ailments, their bowel movements, and the latest news with the doctor. I feel like the last 15 years of my life I have been trapped in an 85-year-old woman's body. Most of my life I have had digestive issues, severe heartburn, my gallbladder removed, and problems with... eh...emmmm..... elimination. After multiple surgeries, countless medications, and nights sleeping sitting up I gave up on finding an answer.

Soon after Brandon and I were married I started seeing a nutritionist. He helped a lot, but there were still problems. The issues would come and go during pregnancies and not much seemed to help. Then the gluten bandwagon drove by, and I rolled my eyes as people jumped on.

Last Fall I couldn't handle my issues any longer, talked to another doctor, and decided to go on an elimination diet. Sure enough I felt better being off gluten. Then I had a big ol' pity party. I wasn't about to eat a bunch of gluten-free processed food so I thought I was stuck eating bland meats and veggies. Discouraged and feeling like I would never have a social life, I began to go back to our healthy diet including whole grains.

Which leads me to last month. I began to have severe stomach cramping, nausea, and fatigue after eating. The rest of the details I'll spare my readers. Needless to say the culprit was most grains. However, this time I was not filled with pity.

The Lord was gracious, and gave me eyes to see the foods I once loved as poison to my body. Suddenly sugar and grains didn't seem so appealing. The hunt began to find a new normal in my diet. I'm currently reading books on "The Specific Carbohydrate Diet" and a Hunters and Gatherers (Paleo) lifestyle.

So far I have made grain-free biscuits, Paleo key lime pie, grain-free breakfast meatballs, and am enjoying a whole new variety of foods. I'm excited to share my new endeavors with all of you, and hope that others will speak up if they have had a similar journey. Keep watching for new recipes and updates. Thanks for reading!


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